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An innovative news service That include dozens of pieces of content a month.


Covering entertainment, power, culture, style, and self, In Real Life part of AGDG Network Of Online Magazines.

Opinions Of Culture Politics & Entertainment An Minority Perspective.

Splindfida Magazine

An Online Magazine with coverage of Lifestyle, Culture, Dating, Sex, Beauty And More.

The Lab Magazine

Providing News On Branding/Marketing, As Well As Interactive Content Tools, Lead Generation Tools, Conferencing Software, Creator Kits And Recommendations.

The Emporium Magazine

News on offers and the best deals, gift ideas and new products from around the web. Pretty much a little bit of everything.

Streamapse Magazine

Covering Music News, And Entertainment.

Streamapse Streaming

What’s Streaming All Genres Of Music. Video Streaming And More.


Powered by Streamapse. TicketStream Provides information on up-coming live events from everywhere from club events and top box office performances, festivals, sporting events and more.

AVV Online Magazine

Publishing of casino news, plus news on sports and para mutual betting.  At the Alliance Virtual Village online casinos, you can easily play both the popular card games, and HD slots or the classic game emulator.


Providing high-quality Financial, Business and Credit Information, advice and services for our clients we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Genix Magazine

Information on investing in Cryptocurrencies, plus buying and selling Bitcoin.